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About us
About US

Established in 2005, Guangzhou Haigong Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. is also a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province. As a technology-oriented enterprise with innovation as its purpose, Guangzhou Marine Engineering has nearly 50% of R&D personnel and more than 100 patents. Guangzhou Haigong has been deeply engaged in the Marine high-end equipment manufacturing industry for more than ten years. Its main business is the development of Marine high-end equipment such as shafeless Marine electric propeller, intelligent unmanned boat, steering engine, and windlass, and the distribution of various Marine equipment such as refrigeration and cranes. The main product of Guangzhou Haigong shaftless Marine propulsion system has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, high reliability and small size compared with traditional products. It is the fourth generation of Marine electric propulsion system in the world. After years of continuous investment and research and development, Guangzhou Haigong has become one of the few propulsion technology enterprises in the world that master the core technology and independent intellectual property rights of the product and have a complete product system. Over the years, there have been thousands of sets of various types of products, widely used in warships, yachts, tourist boats, tugs, fishing boats, engineering ships, transport ships and other ship types, exported to more than 60 countries and regions at home and abroad. Guangzhou Haigong products with advanced technology and high reliability, accumulated a good user reputation.
Corporate vision

To be the most innovative solutions provider for boat applications

Enterprise mission

Innovate boat products and create customer value

Enterprise spirit

Integrity, professionalism, innovation, enterprising

Core values

Honest man, practical work

Business philosophy

Achieve customers, cast the brand

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